Testogen ReviewAre you frequently experiencing irritability and fatigue? Is libido reducing rapidly? Are you losing muscle and strength? Is your sexual performance decreasing?

In case you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of these questions then you have a huge health concern. You may experience the above symptoms if you have low testosterone levels in your body.

This health condition which is called hypogonadism is a big problem that usually affects men.

Luckily, if you are suffering from this condition you can solve it by taking a testosterone booster. As the name suggests, a testosterone booster helps to boost your testosterone so that it is back to normal level thus enhancing your quality of life.

As you grow older, your testosterone levels are likely to decrease naturally. This means that when you reach the age of 30, you will start to lose sex hormones which promote sexual desire, sperm production, bone density, and muscle mass.

You may also experience low testosterone levels if you are obese, physically inactive, or have other health conditions.


Testogen is a natural supplement that is specifically formulated to produce more testosterone, and improve your stamina, energy, libido, focus, and strength.

This testosterone booster is produced by a company called Wolfson Berg Limited which has more than three decades of experience in production, scientific research, and sales of supplements.

Testogen comes with several ingredients that are 100 percent natural and said to be effective in improving the performance and overall health of men.


Testogen works by optimizing the overall testosterone levels in your body which helps reverse hypogonadism, reduce depression feelings, increase energy levels, aid in weight loss, and increase libido and sex drive.

The manufacturer of Testogen claims that it consists of natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and extracts that have been clinically tested and proven to be effective and safe.

The big misconception is that Testogen is a steroidal supplement. However, the truth of the matter is that it is a natural supplement that is made from vitamins and herbal ingredients which help to boost testosterone levels.


Testogen is a natural supplement that boosts your testosterone levels significantly effectively and efficiently by boosting your sex drive, building muscle mass, increasing weight-loss potential, improving your mental and physical health.

When you reach the age of 30 your body will stop to produce enough amounts of testosterone which stimulates overall mental and physical growth, but once the production of this hormone slows down, the male body will have no other means of reversing the natural process.

High testosterone levels come with some health benefits that can enhance your overall quality of life. Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Testogen in muscle building and raising the testosterone level.

When you consume this supplement you can enhance your overall wellbeing and ensure your exercise routine are more effective. Testogen comes with libido-boosting properties that make it great for enhancing your sex drive.

If you or your partner is suffering from poor sex drive, then taking this supplement could be the solution you need since it can help enhance your sexual performance.


When it comes to side effects I have to say that Testogen is a natural supplement which means that it has no side effects.

Just like other supplements, you must speak to your doctor before you start taking Testogen. This is especially true if you are taking other prescription drugs.

Past customers have claimed that taking Testogen increases hair growth in various areas but there is no scientific research to prove that.



The first pro of Testogen is that it helps you increase your overall testosterone which helps you be more alert, boosts overall libido, decrease feelings of depression, and enhance your concentration.

All of these are good for your mental and physical health and are impacted by a decrease in testosterone levels.

According to the manufacturer, Testogen consists of effective ingredients that are backed up by clinical research and reports. All of the ingredients have been clinically researched and included in the supplement mix which provides an effective and well-balanced testosterone booster.

Testogen comes with premium ingredients that improve your muscle mass and density, sharpens your mind, and improves your sex drive.


You cannot by this testosterone supplement anywhere else other than from the manufacturer’s website.

This means people without access to a computer with an internet connection or cannot wait for the shipping period are unable to use this product.

I have to say that Testogen is not a cheap product which makes it out of reach of many people. However, the quality of this testosterone booster certainly justifies its price tag.


Studies have shown that the combinations of 11 ingredients available in Testogen are effective in producing testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid

A clinical study done by Italian scientists discovered that D-Aspartic Acid plays a big role in the secretion of testosterone hormone in men.

According to the scientists, it is in the pituitary gland and the testes that the D-Aspartic Acid is naturally produced. This is acid vital in the body because it produces and releases testosterone as well as luteinizing the male hormone properly.


Fenugreek is a natural herb that boosts insulin production and is also a potent antioxidant. Australian studies show that Fenugreek is a powerful anti-estrogen that substantially boosts sex drive and normalize the production of testosterone in a male’s body naturally.

Fenugreek has been proven to help with libido, stamina, and strength.

Red Ginseng Extract

The Red Ginseng is a common ingredient that is found in male supplements because of its ability to increase muscle strength, boost sports performance, elevate serum lactate, and enhance tissue and blood oxygenation.

Ginseng also improves heart functioning, ensure high work capacity, maintain healthy homeostasis, sharpen concentration and focus, and lengthen reaction time to various auditory and visual stimuli.

Vitamin D

High amounts of Vitamin D are associated with higher levels of testosterone. Additionally, Vitamin D helps to slow down the process in which the body converts testosterone into estrogen.

A study was conducted by German scientists involving overweight men participants. In the study which lasted for 12 months, there were two different groups of participants.

The first group of male participants took placebo during the experiment while the second group of men was given vitamin D3 supplementation. The target of this experiment was to see if participants will lose weight.

After the study was complete, the male participants in the second group experienced a weight loss equivalent to 6 kg. Also, the same participants had elevated testosterone levels equivalent to about 25 percent.

A different study in Korea with 652 male participants aimed at measuring vitamin D and testosterone levels. This experiment with men participants over 40 years showed that there was a likelihood of testosterone growing by 2.66 times in men with no vitamin D.


  • Who is Testogen suitable for?

¬This testosterone supplement is suitable for any male over 18 years who wants to raise their overall testosterone levels. You may use Testogen if you are athletes, weight lifters, bodybuilders, or other men who want to raise their overall stamina, strength, and libido.

  • Can I take Testogen for long periods?

Testogen contains natural ingredients which means that there is no danger if you take it for a long period. If you want to enjoy more benefits of using the Testogen then you should stop taking the supplement for 1 or 2 weeks after months of use.

The good thing about taking a break from this supplement is that it helps your body go back to its normal functioning. If this happens, you can go back to your usual dosage after the break.


The effectiveness of this testosterone supplement depends on your overall health and testosterone levels. When you take Testogen, the maximum it should take before you start to see results in one week.

Within such a period, this supplement can help lift your mood, fuel competitive advantage, sharpen concentration and focus, and boost libido together with sexual performance.

In terms of physical change, it may take between 4 to 6 weeks before you start to experience muscle toning when you exercise regularly.

If you want to increase your endurance and muscle strength, improvement of physical performance, development of muscle mass, and elevation of energy levels, then you can take Testogen for about 6 to 12 weeks.

  • Can I take it all once a day or do I have to space it out?

It is recommended that you space out your dosage throughout the day rather than taking it all at once per day. This means you can take your dosage with meals unless you are taking one capsule daily. The good thing about spacing out your dosage throughout the day is that it helps your body better absorb nutrients available in the supplement.

  • Are testosterone supplements safe?

Just like any other supplement, you must follow the instructions available on the bottle. Some testosterone supplements may have questionable substances or ingredients that might be harmful. However, Testogen consists of natural ingredients which means that they do not pose the same dangers as supplements use artificial ingredients.

  • Is Testogen a testosterone treatment?

No, it is not a testosterone treatment but rather a testosterone booster.

Testosterone treatment might go a long way in boosting testosterone levels in men but there could be side effects.

Testosterone treatment has been associated with several side effects, including serious side effects that could be fatal.

So the question on everybody’s lips is: what is the difference between testosterone production boosters and testosterone treatment.

During testosterone treatment, testosterone is administered to the body which leads to hormonal disturbance and other health problems.

On the other hand, testosterone boosters such as Testogen are very safe and have no side effects.

This is because Testogen consists of natural ingredients that are safe for improving testosterone production in the body.

This is why Testogen is used both as a treatment and as a preventive measure against the reduction of testosterone as you grow older.

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